Fear of flying is responsible for ruining countless family holidays, restricting career opportunities, and turning what for many is a pleasurable experience into a feat of hellish endurance!

Fear of flying course is conducted 1 to 1 with a real commercial pilot inside one of our professional flight simulators. Our goal during the session is to fully explore what aspect of fear you might have, lack of control, fear of turbulance or claustrophobia plus many other potential triggers by inviting you to join a short virtual flight in the cockpit of a very realistic feeling flight simulator. You will learn exactly what pilots do, how safe these machines really are and start to better understand the mechanics of airline flying.




Fear Of Flying session is quite different from many of  the large group type courses ran by the airlines, at AirCREW Sensation you are 1 to 1 with an airline pilot creating a much more relaxed and personal environment and one where you set the pace, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you want and at any time during the flight.

By using a state of the art flight simulator we are able to replicate most of the sensations involved in a normal airline flight, our simulators have a smal cabin section so upon boarding the simulator you really do feel like you have got into a real aircraft.


When arrive at our reception you will be greeted by one of our operations staff who will show you to our briefing room

You will then be introduced to your pilot for the day who will be an experienced commercial pilot able to answer any questions you have

You will then spend up to an hour in a briefing where your pilot will learn more about you and your fear as well as talk to you about how aircraft fly.

Its then off to the simulator, this is a complete replica of a real aircraft

You will then complete a short flight of approx 60 minutes where you can talk to your pilot at any time, some customers even decide to leave their passenger seat and sit next to the pilot and as their fear dissipates some even have a go at the controls

At the end of the flight its back to the briefing room for a debriefing, most people feel elated at this point having made an enormous leap in their understanding and control of their emotions.


We have helped people!

Our  flight simulators have helped many people if not enjoy, certainly able to cope with flying again. They are then able to go on holiday or travel the world without this terrible fear dominating. 

The techniques we employ have been developed for about one years of running these sessions, they are highly effective and have worked for countless people before you.

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