Have you ever dreaming on how to be a Pilot?  Would you feel the sensation of flying an airplaneAirCREW Sensation is the right choice!
Let's try our Boeing 737NG Flight SimulatorYou can explore the world as a Pilot with us.

Realise your dream of learning about flight, experience the world through the eyes of an airline pilot, virtually! Get behind the controls of a passenger jet flight simulator so realistic that professional pilots use it for training. You will be sitting in flightdeck featured with many of the original parts, interior lighting, seating, flight controls and original Boeing throttle which add to the incredible realism of this unforgettable experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and find us in AirCREW Sensation.

Be an Airline Captain for a DAY !

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Purchase our Flight Simulator Experience as a gift for your loved ones. Flight Simulator Experience is the perfect gift for your loved ones for any occasion. It is truly a unique gift idea.



Our simulator instructors are professional pilots and will guide you through your flight to make this an incredible and thrilling experience!



Choose from over 24,000 Airports Worldwide!



Fly around the world and never leave ground! Be in control of the AirCREW Sensation Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator for an unforgettable experience.


60 Minutes90 Minutes  120 Minutes

Experience flying the Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator for 60 minutes. A great opportunity to see and experience what is really involved in a line flight from city to city, or spend your time practicing take off and landings.

Experience flying the Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator for 90 Minutes. A City - City Flight at your leisure including a Cold and Dark start of the aircraft, taxi from the gate to the runway. Choose your route and enjoy the flight!

Experience flying the Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator for 120 Minutes. This is the ultimate treat for the flight enthusiast. Incorporate all the elements of flight in real time to make this a truly memorable experience.

IDR 1.500.000

IDR 2.100.000
IDR 2.850.000